Tuesday, July 6, 2010


I rejoice with all of you who have your new little ones in your arms! I'm encouraged that it will happen, in time for us too. Oh, but the wait is mighty difficult! I saw this poem on another blog and loved it. It answers some of the "whys".

I Would Gather Children
Some would gather money
Along the path of life
Some would gather roses,
And rest from strife.
But I would gather children
From among the thorns of sin,
I would seek a golden curl,
And a freckled, toothless grin.
For money cannot enter
In the land of endless day,
And roses that are gathered
Soon will wilt along the way.
But oh, the laughing children,
As I cross the sunset sea,
And the gates swing wide to heaven,
I can take them in with me!
~ Author Unknown~

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