Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Big Loser?

My youngest son (26) has decided that I'm too fat to raise another child!  As bad as that sounds, I really love and am touched by his concern for his new little sister and Mom.  It takes a lot of courage and love to approach somebody when they are not taking care of business! 

Today was our first workout session.  He took me out on what felt like a death march across Lake Ray Hubbard.  I had no idea that bridge was so exhaustingly long (2.2 miles)!  I'm not a very nice person when I'm pushed to my limit, I push back.  Sorry kid I was so disagreeable.  I'll behave better next time.  My homework is to do a full body stretch, write down calories and fat grams and do it again tomorrow.  I just hope I can get out of bed tomorrow!

Seriously, I know my boys love me.  They have looked out for Mom since they were little guys;  I feel very blessed that they still do today. 

Love to my Monkeys young and old.

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