Friday, December 16, 2011


I've been studying about some spiritual ideas when I came across a discussion of the idea of placing our 'sacrifices' on the alter and offering them to our Father.  The author spoke of David and Araunah.  David, in obedience to God's message delivered through Gad went to speak with Araunah regarding the altar that he (David) was to build on his threshing floor.  Araunah asked David to please take the land to build the altar and even offered the ox, grain and wood for the offering and do as God told him but David insisted in paying Araunah full price for the land.  David told how he could not make a sacrifice that cost him nothing!  1 Chronicles 21

Long story to say I held an 'estate sale' fundraiser for Victoria today.  I want to please my heavenly Father so in my endeavor to follow in David's footsteps I placed many treasures on the 'altar' today and asked for God's blessing in bringing another precious child home.  He did not disappoint!  As I loosened my grip on some tattered Mad magazines and LP's from my cool days in the 70's God blessed our piggy bank!  The first day brought in enough funds to cover both application fees and a bit more!  Thank you Father!