Monday, March 12, 2012

It's All For Sale

Our fundraiser tracker looks pretty good!  But here's where things start to get tight.  Income tax refund, our biggest source to date, has been added in.  Bonus has been added in.  Larger items for sale, added in.  We're now getting down to the little bits.  Currently up for sale is an assortment of household goodies, a car seat, my really cute vintage phone, my vanity chair, a pretty doll, and an old Avon bottle.  Assuming that I get asking price I should gain another $200.  Where is the rest going to come from?

Manna fell from the sky for the Israelites so I turn my face toward the heavens and open my hands ready to fill my basket.

My dear friend, Rebecca, is organizing a fundraising Premier Jewelry party for Victoria.  Another sweet friend, Emily, is organizing a fundraising dinner for us.  I am confident that this will happen.  God has been so faithful rewarding me and encouraging me through these sweet young women and many more of His people that have opened their hearts and wallets to help us with the cost of giving these two precious girls a home.  We keep our sight on our Father and continue to walk with Him, working in faith that He will continue to bless us with exactly what we need.

So sometimes I get teased about what may or may not still be in my home next week (it all depends how my online sales went :-) that week) or what may I be willing to part with and add to the "for sale" folder on my desktop.  But it's worth it.  How much will I let go of and sell to smother Victoria Wen Yuan with kisses and tuck her into a comfy bed with a full tummy?  It's all for sale!

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