Saturday, March 17, 2012


Today we had the wonderful blessing of meeting up with friends made while in China.  Han and Alec and their two sweet girls invited us to a day at Legoland and Sealife.

What fun we had!

Elaina had just been to the Dallas Aquarium and had a blast sharing her new found "expertise" in aquatic life with her friend!

After Sealife came Legoland!  What a wonderous site!  I must admit that it was very inspirational (in a lego kind of way) to be surrounded by so many Legos!  The Lego Dallas/Ft. Worth cityscape in Legos was crazy!  Of course we had to make a purchase of some of the new "Friends" line made especially for girls.

Many hugs and goodbyes later we arrived home.  I was exhausted but got busy preparing for a weekend roadtrip and Elaina went straight to her room with her new treasure.  This proved to be her longest spanse of independent play to date.  I kept hearing the familiar swishing of Lego bricks taking me back to the days when my boys were little guys holed up in their room creating little worlds.  Twice she came out to ask for help to find a particular brick that was needed and upon finding the essential brick, quickly retreated back to her room.

At last, she was finished!  Clearly proud of her creation she emerged from her room ready to show her work!

I love legos.  Don't you?

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