Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tears of Experience

Most days are filled with nothing but joy, giggles, fun and thanksgiving.  But every now and then past experiences creep in along with the reality of our world's orphans.

My sweet Elaina Xin Xin has the heart and mind of a typical 5 year old but her soul is gives her true age away.

Today, after finishing school work, she wanted to draw on the chalkboard while waiting for her lunch.  Very pleased with herself, she directed my attention to the board to show her creation.  First I saw Victoria's name written very well!  I exclaimed with pride how beautiful her writing has become.  She then went on to explain her drawing.

"This is Victoria.  She was crying last night".  (I mistook tears for pigtails, I have no eye for art).  She went on..."Victoria is crying because she needs me". "She needs Mommy and Daddy" ."She wants to come home now!"

How do I explain to her or anyone why it takes so long.  How do we explain the life of a child with no one to snuggle, no one to read stories with, no one to play dress up, no one to play ball with, no one to teach them to ride a bike, no one to call their own.

Elaina knows how.  She's had years of tears of experience!  Through her drawing and bold prayers to God and boldness in telling us, "Victoria needs to come home, Now!"

Please pray and act to do something for an orphan today!

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