Sunday, June 10, 2012

Update on Victoria!

We received an unexpected update yesterday to answer some of our questions about how our girl is doing.  Unexpected because the agency just told us it would probably take 3 weeks to get a response and it only took 3 days!  Thank you, God!

She seems to be doing well.  They tell us her hearing is normal!  Yay!  They also said in response to our question if she knows we are working to adopt her and that Elaina will be her sister, that she responded with a smile and that yes she knows and she has been missing her mei mei!  She wants to be adopted so she can be with mei mei again!  It breaks my heart that she had to go through that separation and be left behind!  Had I known...

Other big news of the day is Elaina's US Passport arrived today!  Another big Yay!  Now all we need is that stinkin' LOA!

Hang on baby girl, Mommy and Mei Mei will be there soon!

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