Friday, September 14, 2012

One Man's (Woman's) Junk is Another's Treasure!

I love my junk!  Some of the best, most treasured items in my house was someone else's trash thrown out.  I have a lovely vintage iron patio set that my sweet boys (as young boys) rescued from a trash heap that with a little paint and new cushions rivals the designer's best!

My writing desk, coffee table, bedside table, bookcases, dishes, etc.  My list could go on and on but my newest find was a little surprising!

Driving to my sister's house this past week I saw this at the curb!

Thinking it was a prank I went to the front door and rang the bell.  A young woman answered and I asked if she realized her birds were at the curb.  Her reply, "Yes.  You want them?"  Well, yes.  I promised to take good care of them and loaded them into the van.  I asked her if they were "bad birds" being that they were so pretty and hanging out in a $200 (or more domicile).  She said no that they just never really liked them.

Well, we love them!  And now our little Home School has been made all the sweeter!  Thank you!

Meet Libby Liberty and Fred Freedom - or as the husband likes to call them Lynyrd and Skynyrd!

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