Saturday, October 13, 2012

...On To Guangzhou (Day 1: Clinic Visit)

Victoria did great!  Although she was terrified of the doctor and screamed and cried during TB test.  No other shots required! Yea! We can do them when we get home.  I'm very thankful!

There are several of us solo parents. All mamas and one daddy.  I was chatting with the solo daddy - he has the cutest little baby boy! - and he's pretty worn out but is doing a great job!  He's been taken in by a few families helping him out.  It's been very much like extended family here.  Everyone helping each other and it seems that all the solo parents have been taken into little groups so that we're all being taken care of!  Very humbling and reassuring!

(addendum from the "ghost poster")
The China Hotel (yes, that's the name of the Marriott in Guangzhou) is very posh with tons of amenities including a children's playground on the 4th floor which the girls were thrilled to see and take advantage of.  The hotel is nothing like anything Victoria had experienced up to a few days ago (who am I kidding -- WE usually stay in a Days Inn on our family road trips).  Add that to the fact that the last several days have probably been the longest time Victoria has ever gone without being physically reprimanded for the smallest childhood indiscretion, and it must seem a different world indeed.  It must still seem very strange, and exciting, and a bit overwhelming.  It makes me think back to the bedtime prayer Elaina said the night before LaRita and she left for China;  a prayer that carried the weight and sincerity of a little one who had lived the experience:  "Thank you God for bringing Victoria home.  Let her know that even though it's different here, it's better.  Amen."

At the clinic

After the clinic -- Divas Incognito

Finally -- play time at the hotel!

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