Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mama's Girl

Victoria's trust in family has been building gradually.  We love her so much but she has not been as 'giving' as her sister in these early days so we've waited patiently praying one day she'll know how much we love her and be able to give love in return.

Her surgery was today.   I was very worried about her feeling betrayed by what we were allowing to happen.  I prayed we would not lose ground in her heart.  In reality, I was more worried about her not wanting me!  She is a Baba's (daddy's) girl!  Whenever she has stress in her day she cries for Baba.  She walks him to the door in the morning, blowing kisses and sings out "love you too".  She greets him each evening taking his lunch box, emptying the contents and putting it away for him.  Frequently turning to me saying "Baba's".  It's as if she is telling me this is her Baba's. Hands off!  So sometimes I'm not so sure of where I am in her heart.

Today I was rewarded!  She wanted me!  Mama!  She wanted Mama as they wheeled her away and wanted Mama when she woke up!  She cried on me, cuddled me and even slept on me - her first time!  She fully leaned into me, wrapping her arms around me, snuggled in and slept.  What an unexpected gift!

Oh, and her surgery was a big success too!

On our way to pre-op.

Waiting unaware.

Recovery and doing great!

Home again!

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Crafty and Crap said...

Don't know what her surgery was for but glad it was okay. She is such a beautiful girl. I think you'll be beating boys off someday :)