Monday, March 1, 2010

We received word on February 19 that Xin is ours! It's hard to believe that she is really going to be our daughter! I'd been carrying my cell phone around like a lifeline waiting for the call. Just when I had decided to call them, Richard called and gave me the great news! How appropriate! I had had the pleasure three times telling him we would have a son and now it was his turn to tell me of our daughter!

With that call came another set of papers to complete. Those are completed now and returned to our agency, Holt International, where they wait to be checked and the next batch sent to us to complete.

Everyone has the same question, when will we go and get her. I wish I knew. I feel more anxious than ever to bring her home but we still have many steps to complete.

Our homestudy update officially begins this Friday when our social worker, Kristen, comes to our home for her first of four visits.

I've been swamped with work and had to focus on that until last Thursday. Finally I was able to begin preparing a comfy room for our new child! It was quite a chore to empty the hobby room of a couple of empty nesters and I have no idea where all that stuff will land but it is very much worth the temporary mess. I've chosen a sherbet green for the walls with accents of hot pink, red and light purple. I got a great buy on just the right bed last Friday. I pray Xin will like it and feel the love that was put into each detail just for her.

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Kim said...

YAY!!! YAY!!! YAY!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am so thrilled for you!