Tuesday, May 18, 2010


We've received a long waited for update about Elaina Xin! We now know her school and can complete immigration paperwork but more than that we received current photos and stats! She is our tiny little Princess! Her stats show her to be a 3T, crazy! I guess I get to go shopping again before leaving but I'm sure she'll be growing still so I'm thinking she'll be a 4 by the time we get there. The photos show her to be happy and strong not to mention beautiful! (She really does have the hands of a concert pianist or perhaps a neurosurgeon!).

Only 6 days to Fingerprinting! Yea! It's pretty certain that my fantasy schedule of going to China in June is not going to happen. July is possible but August is probable. It looks like grandchild, Monkey #6 will arrive before "Auntie Elaina". :)

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