Thursday, September 23, 2010

Bless This Yard Sale

I've cleaned out every nook and cranny of every little thing that I convinced myself (or was lovingly pushed by a sweet friend) that I could let go of.  Tomorrow is the big yard sale day!  I'm hoping to generate enough cash to take care of the cost of 4 nights in hotel in China.  I think we have enough but a little "cash cushion" could possibly help me relax a little.  Possibly the best part of the yard sale is the room in our home that we have created for our little one to run and play!  I love how simple my kitchen is now with empty cupboards to spare.  I think they will soon hold supplies for homeschooling but how nice will it be to have everything within easy reach but out of sight!  Thanks so much to all my cleaning and organizing angels!  I really could not have done this task without all the encouragement, love and labor from all of you!

Here's to a successful yard sale!  Hmmm, I know God our Father cares for our every need...dare I ask for blessings on my sale?  I dare!

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