Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Waiting and More Waiting

Still in waiting mode.  Not my strong point.  I've got Elaina Xin's bag ready to go.  Mine just needs my every day stuff tossed in.  Now what should I do?  Wait some more.  Hmmm. What about a little crochet?  I've started 4 projects and can't concentrate.  How about re-tiling the fireplace?  Clean out the garage, done.  Scrapbook, boring, clean out my closet, done.  How about clean out everything?  Ah, that's the ticket to keep me busy!  Loads of benefits like creating room for home schooling stuff, simplify meal preparation with less junk to dig through to reach the vegetable peeler and less stuff to cycle through the dishwasher. Simplify, simplify!

Oh, and another really good benefit... Our neighborhood is doing the big yard sale this weekend and maybe I can get a few more dollars together for China!  Talk about a win-win situation.  I kill time, get a clean and orderly home and hotel money!

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