Sunday, November 7, 2010

Football in Texas

 Yesterday I had the great pleasure and privilege to watch my two older grandsons play some very good football! The weather was perfect! Clear skies and sunshine shone over the fields with just a crisp bite of fall in the air. Both games had a good turnout of family, friends and fans. The site of little cheerleaders jumping up and down in the excitement of the day (even if they weren’t quite sure what was happening in the game), parents zealously yelling for their team and the boys on the field giving their best was a joy to see.
I’m amazed at how these little guys understand the game and are able to learn so many plays. And the passing this year, shocking! I don’t think I had enough coordination at that age to walk down the sidewalk.

Well, here are my two gridiron heroes. Carson, the oldest, is on the Tigers. They took 1st Place yesterday in their division! Corbin, the younger, is in on the Longhorns. This is his last season in flags. Next season it’ll be time to put on the armor!

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