Thursday, November 4, 2010


I leave for China in just fourteen days and with a long list of things to do staring down at me from my white board, I lay on my couch cocooned in my down comforter.  What am I thinking just laying around with so little time left to prepare?  Denial, over-confidence? Nope, strep!  Ugh!

I do feel much better today with a couple of doses of antibiotic on board.

While I was laying around last night, I got up to check my email and to my surprise was an update on my little XinXin!  I've got SIX new pictures.  She is so beautiful!  She does have something going on with her right eye but I suspected that was true from an earlier photo (actually Dad picked up on it).  Listening to him and his concerns I have already made her an appointment with a pediatric opthomologist.

My baby girl continues to grow!  A very good sign that her health is just going to get better and better!  She  gained almost a pound and now weighs in at a tidy little bundle of joy at 33 pounds.  She also has grown vertically and is standing tall at 40 inches.  They (the ones putting the update together) also share that she know her Dad and Mom are coming from America to adopt her.  They broke my heart totally when they shared that Elaina Xin told them that she knows we are coming and that she misses us every day!  I can't get to her fast enough!  I love her so much!  Enough.  Here she is!

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