Friday, February 25, 2011

Be My Valentine

Valentines Day was the best ever!  Richard and I have been sweethearts since 1972 (really) and this year I got the very best Valentine!  Our sweet Xin Xin entered Medical City Children's Hospital at 8am and without too much pain or trauma to either of us, a very tender Dr. Kort was able to fix her little broken heart!  How exciting that she will have every opportunity to grow and live like any other little girl.  I'm so thrilled to have my ringside seat to watch what God has in store for her.  She had to stay one night at the hospital but she coped very well.  Of course she had some help from her favorite monkey and mama's undivided attention.  Baba brought her a giant monkey balloon and Daniel dropped by for an early morning visit the day after and blessedly entertained our princess so mama could find a diet coke and get cleaned up!

Dr. Kort told us that her little heart was much worse than thought but he was able to get a 50% improvement in function and was very pleased.  Thank you God.

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