Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Our baby girl is seven!  Okay, okay, for all of you mathmaticians her paperwork reflects that she is eight but there were so many discrepencies!  We've wrestled with this issue for a while now.  Being that her paperwork has different "finding" ages, no birthnote, her dimunutive size, social and academic level and importantly her bone age and dental age reflecting a five year old, we've decided that we're holding at seven.  We hope to have this legally changed when we re-adopt in Texas.  I only hope that she won't be too upset to learn she could drive a year earlier but that will be forgiven when she 'holds' at twenty-nine! :)

It was wonderful to have ALL the family at her birthday celebration!  All three big brothers made it as well as wives and kids!  What a houseful!  It was awesome!

I made very authentic south Chinese dishes.  So authentic that no one ate except Elaina who was thrilled!  This mama can make chicken feet!  She actually squealed with delight!  I love that she loved it but I must warn you of the graphic nature of the pictures.  I thought you may be curious and Elaina loves to see the pictures on the blog.  So...

A very happy 7th birthday to my beautiful girl!  You are so loved by all of us!


Kaylee's Mommy said...

Oh my! Those feet look like hands! Glad to hear that she had such a happy birthday!

Rebecca said...
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