Sunday, February 20, 2011

Year of the Rabbit

Our first Chinese New Year with Elaina was very low key.  We had an unusual amount of snow and ice and had been homebound for several days and starting to feel the fever.  So on February 3 we ventured out onto the dark cold and somewhat icey streets of Richardson looking for a little celebration.  The dragon dance and festivities were postponed due to the weather but we dressed in our Chinese finery (Elaina loves to wear her pretty clothes) and headed to Maxim's Restaraunt.  Dinner was delicious and Elaina was a delight.  The staff were a little curious about us and were amazed and very pleased that she could use her chopsticks!  (we didn't tell them that she came that way - let them think we're amazing caucasian parents raising a pretty chinese daughter :) )

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