Sunday, June 12, 2011

"To the very best place in the world, my lad".

Home is a lovely place we all want to be but on occasion we long for a change of scenery.  Daniel and his pack have just returned from a wonderfully refreshing time spent in Missouri and Arkansas.  We all have treasured memories of roadtrips experienced in our youth.  Traveling in the backseat with siblings, mom or dad passing back sodas and snacks, crayons, action figures and little tidbits of life and history in the U.S.

I'm sure that this trip up and down the winding roads of the Ouachita Mountains, touring the Daisy Airgun Museum and snorkeling in DeGray Lake will be among the treasures that my grandsons, Carson and Corbin will fondly retell their own kids and grand kids one day.  Thanks to their sweet parents for taking the time to enjoy.

So... Mother Bear, put your apron away.  We are going to go on a picnic today!"

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