Monday, August 8, 2011

HOT HOT HOT Deep in the Heart of Texas!

Wow!  What a summer we've been having!  Big news is the heat and drought.  We're just a few days short of breaking our record of 100 + days and the land and lakes are visible reminders that we depend on God for our every need.

Where to begin...  We began the summer with Mimi's First Annual Big Kid Road Trip.  I packed up the van with Monkeys over the age of 5.  That included Elaina and grandkids Carson, Corbin, Jaina, and Jordan along with an ice chest full of juice boxes and yummy snacks, cowboy and cantonese in the cd player we set off to discover Texas!  We visited Austin and the state Capitol, Bob Bullock, Story of Texas Museum ( I highly recommend this stop!). After a dip in the hotel pool and a good night sleep we set off for Natural Bridge Caverns and the Alamo.

I could not have been more proud of my monkeys!  I could count on them to work as a team, stay together and show good manners everywhere we went!

We've had summer days filled with ballet, swimming, camping and boating!  Elaina is a natural in the water!  Her first time in the pool and she was overcome with joy and excitement!  She is so brave!  My girl does not shy from adventure!  We've been camping and canoeing.  Our second time camping, Elaina was much more at ease about being dirty and climbing in and out of the hammock.  She's even getting good at helping with setting up and taking down our tent.  She loves learning about every little thing.  I found a cicada (or did he find me?) anyway, he was in our tent so I saved him to show the kids the next morning.  Everyone was a little hesitant to see him up close and personal but Elaina was first to trust me that it was okay.  She held out her little hand and I put the almost expired cicada in her palm.  No screams or squished bug just loads of questions.  This is my kind of girl!  I am so completely blessed and happy with God's decision to bring us together!

Next up:  Camping in a pop-up!  My middle son, Daniel and his wife have purchased a vintage pop-up for us to try.  It has AC!  What's not to love! :)

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