Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Good Golly Miss Molly!

Well, well, well!  I've spent so much time and effort in fundraising for my own two adoptions these past 3 years that it hit me...Good Golly this is rough trying to yard sale my way to my girls!

So as I continue to raise dollars for my Victoria to come home I decided to go all out!  There are so many families wanting to adopt these children and we're all scrambling looking for coins to pay for it all.

Maybe I can offer a little boost!

Announcing the birth of Open Hands Adoption Partnerships!

I have started a non profit to help other families in process of adopting special needs kids internationally!  I'm confident that we will be offering grants to families who qualify very soon!

Click on over and check us out!

Our kick off fundraising event will be held June 1 in Dallas Texas!  Just a little after work snack and silent auction.

A giant thank you to Emily and Diane for orchestrating this event!

If you can't make the event and bid on the goodies, please click on the donate button or email me at  We need you to give so we can give to others!

Oh yeah.  Pass the word.  Post on your blog.  Please let others know about us.  Thanks!

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