Thursday, May 31, 2012


Tomorrow is quite a day.  It is a day sure to be wrapped in joy, thanksgiving and the power of God made visible to our eyes.

Tomorrow is the formal launch of our non profit, Open Hands Adoption Partnerships.  You can see more about that at  I have already been so moved and overwhelmingly blessed through this work with many amazing stories to share but that will be another day.  I am confident God will shower our work with love, support and dollars.

Tomorrow is also surgery day for my middle son.  Two years ago he was very seriously injured when hit by a vehicle while riding his motorcycle home from work.  God kept hope alive in us and brought us many blessings;  bringing the people to us that we needed at each step of the way.  Tomorrow that same doctor that saved my big Monkey's foot will be doing a little fine tuning.  It's also a day of remembering just how close I came to losing my boy.  I sincerely pray that I will remember the blessings and let them fill my heart and not give in to the anger and bitterness that I allowed to grow in me towards the ones who did him such harm.

Tomorrow is a day that will be remembered for just how much our God is an active loving Father in our daily lives.

Love you, Daniel!

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