Friday, August 17, 2012

Sewing Lesson

I love sewing.  Well, knitting too.  And then there's the garden.  Oh, and I love building and fixing stuff, especially when there is paint or power tools involved.  But back to sewing.

There's something about creating a necessary item with your own hands.  The accomplishment.  The new article.  But more than that is the feeling of independence.  Self assurance that you are able to begin and end a task and take part in the care and feeding of yourself.  I think it's good for the soul to sit quietly with needle and thread and create a useful item for yourself or to serve others with.  To take a few scraps of fabric, needle thread and patience we can begin to understand the patience, thoughtfulness and pride in a job well done and peek into the heart of God and how maybe He felt in His creation.

My boys had enough interest that they could all sew on a button, Scout patch or make a sock puppet.  There was even a little embroidery and quilting that came from my little men.  I am glad they had the experience and have confidently used their sewing skills as adults.

And now, my daughter's first sewing lesson.

The finished product.  A new skirt for her baby.

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