Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back to School

Although we've schooled throughout the summer;  we kept to a light and casual regime.  Now it's time for some serious fun!  To honor our school year I decided to freshen up our work area.   We are very blessed to have a nice sized area with loads of natural light and lovely views and after our hard work of cleaning out and decorating Elaina and I are very happy with the results.

The new part is the table and de-cluttering.  We had the big table but is was a big rectangle with pointy edges that hurt every time an unsuspecting soul walked by.  Also, it was boring white.  So, I cut off the corners after making a curve with a salad plate, sanded, primed, and painted it a nice calm green.  Believe me, we need calming green.  Then we found this nifty trim at Home Depot for under $10!  It was the perfect color repeating the green in the chairs and the mandatory pink required by the student body.  It's just like fancy contact paper.  Super easy to apply.   Last I put on 6 light coats of polyacrylic sanding lightly between each coat.

Now it's beautiful, durable and not pointy!  We love it!

Time for new discoveries!

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