Thursday, September 6, 2012

My thrifty bath re-do!

I get a little crazed when a new little one is imminent.  Biologic babes or adopted; it's all the same in my nutty brain.  I always decide that the house needs to be improved upon before said child arrives and this little one is no exception.  So far I have built a barn, put in a pond with my water meister hubby, cleared and reorganized closets, cleaned the garage (twice!), power washed the exterior of my house, built a second bed and chest of drawers (a wonderful gift from my sis, Rebecca) in the girls' room, reorganized and re-vamped our school area, and now I've completed a very thrifty re-do of the front bath!

In the whirl of activity, I decided to slow down for a quick snap to chronicle some of the highlights of activity while waiting for Victoria.

This was the old paper.  Doesn't look so bad here but it had kind of a shiny look to it and was very pink!

In progress!

My trusty serger hard at work!

The bath turned out very nice!  It's the front bath that guests visiting our home use so I wanted it to be very warm and inviting.  I'd found the fabric for the shower drapery on clearance at a local fabric store and the colors spoke to me!  They were my jumping off point.  (I actually bought the fabric more than 6 months ago for a mere twenty bucks!)

The new wallpaper was the big ticket item coming in at $87.  I found this online with a discount wallpaper source that sells 'last rolls' of discontinued paper.  Hard to tell in the photos but both the drapery fabric and the wallpaper have an understated linen look in the background.

I used the existing cabinet but painted the stock cabinet with Rustoleom's Oiled Bronze spray paint.  Love this paint!  What a great look!  I used the same paint on the door and door hardware.  I also used the same paint on the frame moulding for the mirror.  Paint cost was under $10.  The hardware for the cabinet are stock handles and drawer pulls from Home Depot - my home away from home :-). They set me back another $10.

I really wanted to use a smaller mirror but to keep cost down I decided to keep the builder's mirror and added trim per Pinterest.  Love it! The moulding was simple, no mitre cuts
and fixed with Liquid
Nails.  Moulding was under $20.

I also wanted to replace the faucet set but couldn't bring myself to put out the $50 bucks or more for a new one when this one worked fine.  I decided to shine it up and with the new paper and lighting it took on new life and I'm very happy with it.

The other big ticket item was the light fixture.  This was my essential, must have change.  Looks much like a fixture at Renovation Hardware (my muse) but a fraction of the cost at only $49; again from Home Depot.

I need to thank my sister, Rebecca for pushing me forward and getting the job done quickly.  She's a maniac!

Well, what do you think of my new bath for under $200?

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