Thursday, October 11, 2012

Breaking Through

LaRita sent me an email about her Wednesday, October 10, 2012 in Nanning, China:

Today was a good day.  Victoria could look at her photos without crying hysterically.  She did become very upset and cried loudly wanting the Chinese having breakfast to return her to Aiee.  After briefly trying to calm her with no success we returned to our room.  

I attempted to coax her into eating her watermelon and met with failure when I found it in the trash can.  She had thrown it out to move on to the "rabbit" snack Elaina was enjoying.  Strong discussion followed by removing the rabbit snacks made my point.  I would be in charge, not her. 

It looked like it may be another difficult day until talking with daddy.  He suggested we get out of the room and go shopping letting the girls pick out a little something.  Well, that did the trick!  Victoria looked gloomy and dazed while shopping but brightened considerably when she realized we were actually taking the goodies home!  

After returning to our room and tearing into our new found booty, she became a different child!  Laughing, coloring, jumping on the bed with Elaina and even loving on me!

It was wonderful to see my girls so happy together!  Elaina has been trying to hug and love on Victoria hoping to be loved back the way she had remembered but Victoria had not been able to give or receive until today.  But boy, has she broken through that gate!  She is delightful!

As for her developmental delays;  I am almost convinced her experience and diagnosis (if you can call it that) is exactly the same as Elaina's.  She attempted each vocabulary flash card and was able to repeat many sounds with good success. She sings, knows her shapes and colors in Cantonese and is very curious in her surroundings and how things work!  She was even able to work simple shape puzzles on the iPad after a brief tutorial from Elaina. 

Playing together in the hotel fountain

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