Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pearls for Victoria

The girls both come from Hepu, the pearling capitol of China.  When I was here in 2010 to receive Elaina I had purchased a string of pearls to give her at her wedding, a small bracelet  to enjoy now and earrings for myself.  They are a lovely shade of pale pink.  Now I'm back in 2012 to receive my little surprise, Victoria, and I wanted to do the same for her.

I had almost decided to forgo this shopping excursion being that I do not have a guide like my previous trip and have been on my own for most of the time in Nanning.  However; again my sweetie Richard has encouraged me to go out and be brave!

I'm so proud of me!  I went to the jeweler in the hotel but was not happy with the prices or selection so I ventured out to look for the jeweler where I bought Elaina's pearls.  The girls were great and didn't complain at all.  After we walked for almost a mile I decided that the jeweler I had used before was no longer there (as many businesses  seem to be missing).  On the way back I stopped into a different jeweler.  After asking if anyone spoke English and getting a young woman with very limited English I was able to make my transaction and even paying half of the marked price!  Unfortunately I don't really know my pearls so I only hope they are nice quality.  :-)

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