Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Me Tarzan

What's in a name?  Would not a rose by any other name smell just as sweet?

That may be so but names are important to us.  God changed names for His children when he had a special job for them.

My sweet daughters Chinese names were given to them as wards of the state.  Guo meaning country or state was their former surname.  Each child that entered into their orphanage was given the same surname.  Their name told the community that they had no one.  No family.  Belonged to no one with no history.

Their given names Xin (Elaina) and WenYuan (Victoria) were likely given by the nannies working at the orphanage when they entered.  Xin meaning heart and WenYuan meaning garden are both part of their history we have retained.  Their new names of course are Elaina Xin May and Victoria WenYuan May meaning Light, Heart, Beautiful (Elaina) and Victory, Garden, Beautiful (Victoria).  So I have a bright beautiful heart in Elaina and she definitely is.  And Victoria is beautiful garden and has won the victory!  No longer to be orphans, but to belong with us and Christ!

So today was awesome and brought me to tears of joy and thankfulness!

While enjoying lunch my sweet girl referred to herself as Victoria - twice!

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