Monday, November 19, 2012

Say What?

Whew!  What a month we've had!  This mom has had her hands, arms and feet full of keeping up with these two.  We're all beginning to settle in with our new sweetie but we have a way to go before we get comfortable.  I'm happy to share that sleep routines are improving!  That's gotta help everything!

Victoria's language development is improving both in Cantonese and English.  She is starting to put two and three word sentences together in Cantonese and using a few English words.  She says 'thank you, you're welcome, mama, daddy, cat, dog, Elaina' and 'hungry'.  I think I heard 'outside' today and one of Daddy's little sayings that I won't share here.  The big brothers would recognize it as one of Grandpa Stephens phrases.  Hmmm.  Anyway...

Life is moving on but we've decided we need to slow it down a bit so Victoria can settle in.  We've had some very difficult moments of 'melt downs' that are likely due to too much anxiety causing activity.  My awe and prayers go to families that have worked with stressed and PTSD children!  We're getting a tiny little snapshot of the work involved and it can be rough!  The good news is that I am showered with kisses from this little darling!  She so much wants to love and be loved.  I feel blessed and honored to get to be mom to her as well as the rest of my babes big and small!

Her health reports are all good so far.  She is one strong and healthy little girl!  Her eye exam revealed what we suspected in that she doesn't see well so she will be sporting new specs.  I'm hoping that will encourage her school and playtime.  It's a lot more fun to color and play legos if you can see them.  We'll share her new look after she's picked out her frames.

Elaina thought it would be fun to decorate cookies and Victoria's very willing to participate when there are yummy things involved, so we had our first baking with Victoria day.  I think she enjoyed rolling the dough as much as she did eating the end product.


Drea said...

Thank you for allowing this glimpse into your beautiful family's life! It was such a pleasure meeting you in China!


LaRita said...

You're very sweet. Praying for your little sweetie! Keep us posted. :)