Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Little Victories

So very happy to report that we have a speech therapist!  Victoria will begin working with Ms. Miriam the first week of September.  I am so relieved to know that we will get a little boost from fresh hands and hearts in helping our sweet Tory.  Also, she was accepted in a kindergarten introduction at the library.  It's 2 mornings a week for August.  Not much, but just the sort of thing we need to practice colors and letters in a setting with children at her level without Mom and Elaina hovering. :-)  I'm hoping this will help prepare her for 'Saturday School' - that's Merit Chinese School.  Elaina has been attending 2 years now and loves it.  Victoria has been accepted to begin this year.  We are so very thankful that her teacher is likely one of the most patient people on the planet and an adoptive mom herself!  She fully understands many of the challenges that Tory is working with.

Best thing of all - I haven't gotten a pinch in almost a month!

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