Friday, August 2, 2013

A Peek Into Our Summer Fun

Just a few snaps of our summer shenanigans:

We have 'lite school' in the summer and try to maintain our much loved library day.  On this special library outing Victoria wanted braids like Elaina so she is sporting her first French braid!

One of the girls favorite things this summer was when Daniel (middle son) pulled over to let the kids look at some cows and he showed them how to give them grass.  Elaina thought this was the coolest thing!  All the kiddos showed their bravery by offering grass to the beasties - except Tory.  There was no way she was putting her hand near those critters!

Each year the kids and I go on a Mimi road trip (this year there was me, my 2 additions and 5 of 7 grandkids), although this year was just a day trip to pick peaches we still had some fun poking around during the day and sleepover at Mimi's at night.  Not as cool as a hotel but all agree that Mimi makes killer pancakes!

Peach picking photos are coming soon but here are a few from the road and swimming at Mimi's neighborhood pool.  In the car pics, Jaina, Jordan and Corbin are in the back playing on Corbin's phone, Carson riding shotgun and the sleepy peach princesses in the middle.  I didn't know Elaina brought the diva sleep mask till I looked up in the rearview mirror.  What a hoot!

This was our first time to participate in  our neighborhood 4th of July 'parade'.  Elaina was excited to show off her 2 wheeling skills.  Victoria loves to ride now but just two months ago you'd of thought she was being punished for some dreadful deed to be made to ride her bike.

And today at my sister's house.  Tory the fearless!  She blows my mind!  All her fears and insecurities are washed away.  This child l-o-v-e-s the water!  She is already swimming (self taught) and no she had never even been in a tub before I brought her home!  This is my girl!  Water World (old movie, y'all, Kevin Costner) is a fantasy park for me and probably Tory as well!  She's the one I have to watch closely!  She takes off her vest and heads for the deep.  I've got to get some underwater shots.  When we go under water together, her eyes and mouth are open smiling!  I think she's part mermaid!  After 40 plus years of teaching kids to swim and countless hours of lake, pool and boating with children she's only the 2nd kid I've had to pull out and she gets an assist almost every time we've been in the water!  No Fear!

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