Monday, November 11, 2013

What's New?

We've been so contented that I've not taken the time to post anything in some time!  We had a quiet Forever Family Day (Gotcha Day) for our sweet Tory this past October and we are gliding smoothly into our Texas winter.

We've had some wonderful travels this fall.  Dad took us to White Sands, NM where we learned about rockets, Robert Goddard, lava flows, desert habitats and just how very fun large piles of Silica can be!

The girls and I had the opportunity to go camping twice this fall, first to Galveston - Big Fun!
The girls can almost set up the tent themselves now!

Dolphin Spotters!

and Lake Tawokani - it did get a little chilly at night but the days were perfect!


We're really loving our Home School here at Chisholm Academy!  What better way to study our unit of  Earth Sciences - Habitats and Geography - Map Skills!  Elaina is a tracker!  She correctly identified people, dog, bird and even wild hog!  The raccoon tracks stumped her.  She thought it was baby hand prints.  :-) Good guess.  And no, I did not make the tracks for her.  These were morning fresh tracks in the wet sand at the water's edge.

In between, we visited the Texas State Fair, joined the Children's Christmas Chorus at church, Trick or Treated like pros, continue working and enjoying ballet and gymnastics and Merit Chinese School (Saturday mornings).

We are so richly blessed and contented.

Next up... Putting our Lord back into Christmas.

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