Sunday, December 1, 2013

You Better Not Pout...

We're getting ready for Santa even though we don't believe, or do we, maybe, nah, but how does he get down the chimney, I know he's just pretend but how does he have time to take pictures with all the kids?  He's probably fat 'cause he eats so many cookies.

Elaina is torn.  She said she knew the truth.  After all, she was a good girl but Santa never came to China.

She asked me to always tell the truth so I do.

And yet, she's still a little girl and wants to believe so we go through this thinking out loud - often.

So we're dressed up, smiles on and list (I peeked, only one thing on her list, very do-able) in hand.  Now to go see the fat man in the red suit!

Victoria is becoming such a happy little girl!  Someday I'll share her video when we met.  
Her transformation is God affirming!

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