Friday, August 27, 2010

Back in the Saddle

Yesterday I decided it was time to get my Chinese Visa taken care of so I rushed around getting the application together, jumped in the Big Red Jelly Bean and was heading south on 75 when a little thought occurred to me, "what time does the Chinese Consulate close? Was it 4?". I decided I'd better give them a call and good thing too, they close at 3! My navigation helper told me I would not arrive until 2:45 (and that's with no little stops). So I reluctantly turned around and headed home feeling a little sorry for myself that I didn't get to do what I wanted to do.
Well, here is providence in action. I decided that since I had planned to devote my day toward bringing my baby girl home by driving to Houston, that I would still use my day for her and get my paper work better organized. In doing so, I discovered some discrepencies in my instructions! I called my agency to see which was correct and good thing too! Turns out I needed 3 more papers signed, notarized, certified and authenticated! Ayyyyyy! That could have turned into a tragic nightmare had I gotten all the way to China without those very important pieces of authenticated wood pulp! I got them signed and notarized today so Monday I'm back in the saddle again. Back to Austin for state certification followed by Houston to be authenticated. Good news is I can go ahead and get my Visa then I'm ready for China! Unless....

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