Saturday, September 4, 2010

That's Crazy!

What a funny idea!  I'm expecting?  It was brought to my attention this past week that perhaps I should slow down a little and take care of myself a bit more than I'm used to, after all, I'm expecting?  What?

Well, in fact I am!  I'm a 52 year old mother of 3 sons, mother-in-law to 3 daughters, grandmother to 6.5 (2 girls, 4 boys and 1 little secret), and I'm expecting a sweet little daughter very soon!  I guess I'm in my last trimester!  Crazy!  I am Crazy in love with my husband, Crazy in love with all my kids outlaws and inlaws, big and little and Crazy in love with my Crazy Father in heaven who has put all this together and trusts me...little be Crazy for Him!

In 2 Samuel chapter 6 Michal, David's wife looked out the window and saw David leaping and dancing with everything he had celebrating and loving his Father God.  Michal was disgusted watching him behave in such a Crazy manner that she felt was not fitting for a man of his place in life.  David told her that God had chosen him to work for him and he would do that work loving and celebrating his Father God regardless of what she or anyone else thought of him.

I guess I feel a little kinship with David.  Some may look at me and my life and think it's time to take my place and "age gracefully".  Retire with dignity.  Let the young ones raise the kids.  But I say, my sweet Lord and Father has asked me to take part in this Crazy dance with Him and for Him I will throw off my cloak and dance with all my might!  So crank it up and watch this middle aged mama get down!

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